Photos Copyright Details West

Model photos of an Athearn factory painted BNSF SD70MAC with a Details West DS-340 super detail kit applied.

Parts List of DS-340 kit:

Snow Plow

Assorted Air Filter Piping

Jacking Pad Brace

Digital Fuel Readout Box

Toilet Drain Pipe

Fuel Tank Nozzles

Fuel Tank Vent Pipe

Brake Vent Regulators

Emergency Fuel Cut-Off Switch Box

Air Filters

Sander Brackets

MU Hoses

Train Line Hoses

Fuel Tank Brackets

Spare Knuckle Holders


Various Under-Frame Details


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DSC00559.JPG (554781 bytes)


DSC00556.JPG (565349 bytes)


DSC00554.JPG (538209 bytes)


DSC00541.JPG (563758 bytes)


DSC00550.JPG (563423 bytes)


DSC00560.JPG (567597 bytes)


DSC00557.JPG (581998 bytes)


Paint and touch up underframe silver, snow plow was painted using Scalecoat BNSF green. Spare knuckles was painted a rust color. Wind shield wipers by A-Line or DA.


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