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wpe09735.gif (195528 bytes) Life-Like P2K GP30 super detailed with the Folllowing Items:

 DS-281Detail Set for P2K GP30, Rio Grande

 DS-281 Contain the Following Parts:

 Snow Plow (PL-286)

 MU & Trainline Hoses

 Air Horn, M-3 (AH-186)

 Nose Headlight (Gyralight) (HL-290)

 Two Styles of Journal Boxes (TJ-288, TJ-289)

 Re-Rail Frog (RF-293, RF-119)

 Speed Recorder (SR-284)

 "Firecraker" Antenna (RA-157)

 Step lights (SL-172)

Additional Parts Added:

RA-274  Sinclair Antenna

AH-302 Air Hose, Drop Elbow Type

*Decal by Microscale, windshield wiper by A-line, paint by Scalecoat, weathered using Floquil and chalk. 

wpe75640.gif (186988 bytes)

wpe60171.gif (108764 bytes)

wpe54356.gif (179402 bytes) Unfinished GP30 soon to be painted Great Northern super detailed with the Following Items:

 DS-282 Detail Set for the P2K GP30, BN/GN

 DS-282 Contain the Following Parts:

 Snow Plows (PL-287)

 Re-Rail Frog (RF-119)

 Leslie L-3 Air Horn (AH-326)

 Horn Stand

 MU & Trainline Hoses (MU-295 & AH-268)

 Two Styles Of Journal Boxes (TJ-288 & TJ-289)

 Step Lights (SL-172)

 Speed Recorder (SR-284)

 "Firecracker" Antenna (RA-157)

Additional Parts Added:

AH-302 Air Hose, Drop Elbow Type 

wpe50567.gif (178909 bytes)  

wpe47585.gif (324440 bytes) Finally the finished model Great Northern GP30!

wpe02134.gif (270563 bytes)

wpe27183.gif (284855 bytes) The crew looking on...

wpe79294.gif (451082 bytes) New Leslie S3-R horn AH-326, right side large bell and without "spiked" caps. 

DS-283 SP/SSW Contain the Following Parts:

Mars Light (HL-291)

Speed Recorder (SR-284)

Nose Light (HL-200)

Air Filter (AF-154)

Nathan P-3 Horn (AH-175)

Roof-Top Bell (BE-292)

Rear Light Bracket

Gyra Light

Red Gyra Light

MU & Trainline Hoses

Step Light (SL-172)

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