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A few examples of Atlas models with retrofitted enhanced Athearn Truck side- frames applied using AP-355 or AP-356 with Athearn Blomberg side-frames.

adaptor plate 003.jpg (1124248 bytes) These are Atlas MP15DC retrofitted with new Athearn Blomberg "M" type side-frames using AP-355 adaptor plates. Models are the work of Lee Freeman of Canyon Lake California. 

adaptor plate 005.jpg (1108460 bytes) Lee also use other Details West parts, PL-303 snow plow, RA-157 "Firecracker" antenna, SA-124 spark arrestor, AH-190 Leslie Air Horn.

adaptor plate.jpg (1255707 bytes) Close-up of the new Athearn's Blomberg "M" side-frame. 

Also pictures is a custom painted Atlas GP40 for Milwaukee Road retrofitted with Details West AP-356 adaptor plates with Athearn Blomberg side-frames. Model-work by Paul Federiconi.

adaptor plate 006.jpg (1192406 bytes) See the EMD Modeling Info link for the before the new side-frame retrofit and list of other added parts.

adaptor plate 008.jpg (1049762 bytes) Trucks clearly show the difference between the old stock Atlas truck side-frames and the better looking and correct contour of the Athearn blomberg side-frames.

adaptor plate 001.jpg (1041027 bytes) Athearn Blomberg side-frame modified to mount adaptor plate, top side-frame.

adaptor plate 005.jpg (1046770 bytes) Modified Atlas gearbox. 

Special thanks goes to Brian Banna for engineering and development of the adaptor plate, check out his web site, Brian Banna Web Site . Also see this site: Side Frame Conversion.