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Amtrak GE P40/P42 Modeling Page information:

wpe16773.gif (176783 bytes) Athearn Amtrak P40 and P42 detailed with DS-271 and other parts listed below.


wpe45650.gif (199340 bytes) Front underside view.....

wpe39232.gif (215116 bytes) Middle view......

wpe68884.gif (212497 bytes) Rear end view.

DS-271 contains the following items:

*Sander Brackets

*Underframe Bell

*Screen Guard

*Toilet Drain

*K5LA Horn

*Hep Cables

*Large and Small Air Dryers with Mounts

*Emergency Fuel Cut-off (EFC)

*Large and Small Sinclair Radio Antenna

*Large and Small Battery Box Brackets

*Double Row Pipes with End Fittings

*And Many Pipe Assortments

Additional Parts Added:

MU-266 MU Hose 3 Cluster

AH-268 Air Hose for Locomotive with Angle Cock

Other parts include windshield wipers by A-Line, Lens by MV,  Scalecoat II Paint and decal by Microscale.

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