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New Freight Car Scale Draft Gear Coupler Pockets:

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SP_1.jpg (1178804 bytes) This is an Intermountain Gunderson RTR freight car retrofitted with the new Details West CC-1025 scale cushion coupler draft gear. Use Kadee's  new scale "whisker" spring couplers #158. 

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DRGW_3.jpg (1104514 bytes) This car was modified from a Athearn car and equipped with a Details West underframe. New Details West scale cushion draft gear CC-1025 was added. Coupler draft gear is unpainted. 

DRGW_1.jpg (1165033 bytes)

DRGW_2.jpg (1293114 bytes)

EL_1.jpg (1035571 bytes) A Atlas auto parts boxcar retrofitted with new Details West scale cushion coupler draft gear CC-1026. This style draft gear has the "wide mouth" style which is common on 60' and longer cars. 

EL_2.jpg (1254874 bytes) Use 00-90 flat head screws for the coupler cover on all the Details West scale cushion coupler draft gear. Use 00-80 screws to mount the draft gear to the underframe as shown. 

ATSF CAB.jpg (1243392 bytes) Even cabooses need the new Details West scale cushion draft gears. New CC-1027 was retrofitted to this Centralia Car Shop RTR ATSF caboose. Other new details were added to complete the model. Also included with the new scale coupler draft gear are coupler cut lever brackets and photo etched spring brass cut lever bars. 

ATSF CAB_1.jpg (1110845 bytes)

ATSF CAB_2.jpg (1096706 bytes)

ATSF CAB_3.jpg (1062214 bytes)



wpe94525.gif (348527 bytes) Completed Branchline Trains 50' RBL with CP-1022 coupler pocket installed. Air hose detail was not installed  (modeler's own decision) due to trip pin on coupler acting as air hose line. 

 wpe24875.gif (309557 bytes) Lee Freeman, a well known Missouri Pacific modeler who resides in Southern California, used the CP-1022 coupler pocket in these two resin freight car kits as shown. Lee prefers to use the new Kadee #58 couplers. Combining the CP-1022 pocket and #58 couplers together greatly adds to the realism. 

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