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Modeling Information for the Highliner/Athearn Genesis and Intermountain EMD F Series Locomotives super detailed with the new F Unit series detail kit. Below are some  samples of model photos to browse.  

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wpe09400.gif (64260 bytes) Cab Interior Sun Visors, can be bent up or down, cool huh!

wpe26319.gif (127394 bytes) (Please note: wire grabs not included) Additional parts added: MU-294, AH-268, AH-186 and SA-124.

wpe22505.gif (74648 bytes) Coupler draft gear, bumper bar and sander hoses on truck. Additional parts added: AH-268. 

wpe99743.gif (75763 bytes) Fuel tank bracket and air tank cap with air line pipe. Very visible from the side view.

wpe35207.gif (85301 bytes) Notice the fuel tank bracket and pipe w/valve handle. Also, notice how the sander hose is attached to the truck sideframe.

wpe27797.gif (96098 bytes) Front coupler draft gear was mounted with epoxy glue. Make sure coupler draft gear opening lines up with chassis coupler mount.

wpe03689.gif (84752 bytes) Rear door show added details from the DS-310 EMD F-B Units series. Details include coupler draft gear, bottom door bumper, MU connector box, top door frame lift lugs and "Gooseneck" vent pipe. 

wpe47254.gif (81745 bytes) Side view. 

wpe29465.gif (88502 bytes) Top View. Notice the typical placement of the "Gooseneck" pipes. Check your favorite railroad for exact placement. 

wpe28350.gif (88022 bytes) File opening of the coupler draft gear detail a little larger to accept a coupler box. (Intermountain F series body shown). Same procedure for the Highliner/Athearn Genesis shell. 

wpe52070.gif (76056 bytes) Front coupler draft gear placement. Use epoxy for securing coupler draft gear to back of pilot as shown. Procedure is same for both the Highliner and Intermountain shells.  

spplow.jpg (114946 bytes)SP and Other Roads Plow Pilot with Cast Coupler Cut Lever.... PL-313 MSRP $3.75

gnplow.jpg (267977 bytes)GN & NP Style Plow Pilot with Cast Coupler Cut Lever.... PL-314 MSRP $3.75

fueltank.jpg (367004 bytes)1500 Gal Fuel Tank Extension, SP & Other Roads with Fuel Fillers, Gauge and Side Skirting.... FT-315 MSRP $4.95

fueltankside.jpg (242107 bytes)Side View of new extended fuel tank details.

funitpilot1.gif (406564 bytes) Coupler Cut Lever Bar, Most Roads....CL-316 2 Ea. MSRP $2.75

coolingcoils.jpg (129803 bytes)Rooftop Air Cooling Coils, GN, SP&S and Other Roads.... CC-318 MSRP $2.50

funitrooftop.jpg (224847 bytes)Round Top Spark Arrestor and Cooling Coils. Round Top Spark Arrestor, Many Roads.... SA-319 MSRP $1.50

spark.jpg (314521 bytes)Side View

wpe27951.gif (81254 bytes) A completed D&RGW #5771 built using Highliner body shell kit, a Details West W DS-309 super detail kit and Athearn/Genesis drive chassis. 

wpe57049.gif (64313 bytes) In this photo is the D&RGW F9A 5771, F9B 5762 and F9B 5763. The F9B's were detailed with the Details West DS-310 super detail kit.

wpe87651.gif (68322 bytes) D&RGW B unit #5762. 

wpe28021.gif (83517 bytes) Engineer side view of F9A #5771. 

wpe00684.gif (92170 bytes) Fireman side view of F9A #5771. 


Parts Contents of DS-309 F Unit Super Detail Kit for Highliner/Genesis and Intermountain F Series Locomotives A Unit 1 Set MSRP $13.95:

Parts Contents of DS-310 F Unit Super Detail Kit for Highliner/Genesis and Intermountain F Series Locomotives B Unit 1 Set MSRP $12.95:

Some example of modeling art of F Units created from undecorated Highliner shells and Athearn Genesis power chassis's. The Western Pacific F7A &F7B models shown below are from modeler Lee Freeman of Southern California. Models represent the early 70's era.  Both models were detailed with the DS-309 and DS-310 detail sets, PL-313 snow plow pilot, MU-295 and FT-315 fuel tank extension detail kit as well as other parts. Both the A & B models have the Soundtraxx DSD100LC sound decoders for the enhanced realism. Enjoy the model photos.

Assorted F units 001.jpg (1141619 bytes)

Assorted F units 002.jpg (1146770 bytes)

Assorted F units 003.jpg (1182288 bytes)

Assorted F units 004.jpg (1185882 bytes)

Assorted F units 006.jpg (1242257 bytes)

Assorted F units 008.jpg (1214824 bytes)

Assorted F units 011.jpg (1267752 bytes)


Another example of modeling art is from the Details West collection of Southern Pacific's 4 unit Black Widow A-B-B F7's & a F9AM. Both detail sets DS-309 and DS-310 sets used and PL-313 snow plow pilot, FT-315 fuel tank detail set, MU-295 and host of other details as shown. All F units will be equip with the new Soundtraxx "Tsunami" sound decoders when they become available.   

Assorted F units 012.jpg (1140142 bytes)

Assorted F units 013.jpg (1233044 bytes)

Assorted F units 014.jpg (1205305 bytes)

Assorted F units 015.jpg (1207699 bytes)

Assorted F units 019.jpg (1185347 bytes)

Assorted F units 020.jpg (1261781 bytes)

Assorted F units 021.jpg (1272518 bytes)

Assorted F units 023.jpg (1206760 bytes)

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